Work With Me

We can do great things together.

Do you need to transition an instructor led program to eLearning? Create a new course or program to engage learners? Know more about your target audience before making a decision?

I provide instructional design and project management support on projects, generally communicating directly with subject matter experts to refine content and shape design.

Putting the pieces together
Is training necessary? How does your audience learn best? I do my best researching and understanding you and your learner’s need in any project.

Crafting functional designs
I create user-friendly, clean designs. Keep it simple and let your content shine.

Thinking differently
I know that every client and learner is different. I look at each project critically, from different angles to implement the right solution for you.

Project Management
The expertise I have managing projects, meeting various stakeholder needs, and reaching budgeted timelines is one of my greatest assets.