Look what I can do!

Instructional Design Explained

I recently applied for a job that requested we conduct part of the interview on our own by answering some basic questions on how we work in a presentation format. It was a great exercise to articulate how and why I work the way I do, as well as provide a look at my style and design abilities before an interview.

Below is a modified version of the sample I provided for that application. I've generalized some of the content to it's applicable to all. In this short course I outline the following:

  1. My process and methodology for developing virtual learning projects
  2. My favorite step in the instructional design or course development process
  3. How I approach soft skill course development
  4. An example of how I've acted in an ambiguous situation
  5. And some key attributes I bring to a team

Click below to view the course. I hope you enjoy it and learn a little more about me!