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Transforming Courses to Portrait View

February 20, 2017

This sample was created in response to an Articulate community challenge #160 to flip our eLearning courses on its side. I’ve never tried making a vertical view course before (think about reading text on your phone instead of turning it on its side to watch a video), so this was a bit of a test of graphic design skill and arrangement of content.

Here is the original work. A fair amount of content was cut or modified for this purpose, but you can get the general idea from this sample that the course itself is mainly informational with some pictures or video included to highlight a point.

So far in my work, none of our clients have been particularly interested in having highly graphical courses, nor do they have the money to spend to make such a course a reality, which gave me a limited set of examples to work from for this challenge.

Since this course is mostly text and a few pictures, the process to turn it vertical was pretty straight forward. Content had to be rearranged and somethings reordered to fit better on the page, but overall nothing too challenging. I can see this type of work being quite time consuming for more graphic heavy courses as well as keeping text lighter if it is meant to be read on a smaller phone screen than a tablet or desktop computer. I am more curious about how to set this up so that the content would automatically change depending on how you held your mobile device. To my knowledge that is not possible with the Storyline software, and certainly not compatible with the LMS my clients are currently using.

Here is the modified version of the course in portrait view.