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Vyond Example

I've had a few opportunities recently to work in Vyond to create some fun additions to eLearning programs. This example was used as a part of an onboarding program to introduce the role. It highlights a new hire and a more seasoned employee showing them the ropes.

The program itself consists of several virtual Instructor Led sessions, PowerPoints, Facilitator Guides, and eLearning elements built in Rise and Storyline. Thorughout the program we have these Vyond courses weaving through showing a new hire how to do all their assigned tasks.

It's a fun project a challenge to figure out ways to weave this character throughout the program in a seamless way. Often Vyond videos are seen as fun and added wherever, without offering much substance to the program. I worked hard to figure out specific ways to add these videos in that adds to the content and helps to highlight difficult issues.

Anyways, click the image below to view an edited version of a video created in Vyond. This is a brief overview to a new role. Please note that the audio/video has been edited in various places to not infringe on any copyright ownership issues.